briquette machine

Save yourself time, space and money with a Briquette (Kiriko) Machine

November 20, 2019 WHAT’S NEW / Hydraulic Products Blogs 0 Comment

Save time, space and money with a briquette machine from Yuken. A briquette machine, also known as a Kiriko machine, is an automatic shavings compactor that uses hydraulic power to compress metal shavings and chips, created by machines when cutting metal, into briquettes. Hydraulic briquetting machines have much larger briquette […]

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OBE type linear servo valves

LSVG/LSVHG High-Speed Linear Servo Valves: Uses and Benefits

October 10, 2019 WHAT’S NEW / Hydraulic Products Blogs 0 Comment

Electro hydraulic servo valves are electrically operated valves that control how hydraulic fluid is sent to an actuator. These types of valves provide precise control of position, velocity, pressure and force and can deliver instantaneous and accurate responses. LSVG/LSVHG series High-Speed Linear Servo Valves are suitable for use in many […]

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hydraulic crane

Advantages of using a hydraulic system

August 21, 2019 WHAT’S NEW / Hydraulic Products Blogs 0 Comment

Many industries use hydraulic systems because they have advantages over mechanical, electrical and pneumatic systems. They transmit power by using the pressure of an in-compressible fluid, usually oil, within a sealed system. They are used everywhere as you can see from the examples below: • Cranes • Forklifts • Hydraulic […]

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Whitepaper: Servo Valve Design for Faster Response in Motion Systems and also Low Contamination Susceptibility

August 9, 2019 WHAT’S NEW / Hydraulic Products Blogs 0 Comment

ABSTRACT Servo valves are continuing to experience more demand as time goes on due to affordable sophisticated electronic controls that are now more available than ever in the market today. The problem with most of these torque motor driven, piloted type servo valves is the susceptibility of these valves to […]

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Repair or Replace: What is the best option for my hydraulic valve?

July 26, 2019 WHAT’S NEW / Hydraulic Products Blogs 0 Comment

Even the most reliable and well-made hydraulic valves can become fatigued and break down. A damaged valve can often stop a hydraulic system from operating completely which will cause problems and damage productivity. Many people wonder whether they need to replace their hydraulic valve or whether repairing it will do […]

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The History of Hydraulics

April 30, 2019 WHAT’S NEW 0 Comment

Mankind has been utilising fluids as a source of energy for millennia. From the humble days of using water to turn mills to complex modern-day fluid power; our ability to harness fluid energy has improved rapidly. We now use fluid power in our aptly named hydraulics. These ingenious designs use […]

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What to take into account when selecting valves.

April 3, 2019 WHAT’S NEW 0 Comment

When you are designing a hydraulic system, choosing the right valves is crucial. However, it’s only one small key part of a much larger process. Yuken are here to help you gain a little insight into how best to select valves, as well as complete hydraulic system design. There are […]

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June 6, 2018 WHAT’S NEW 0 Comment

Yuken have been working on a multi function Hydraulic test rig and Power Unit for a UK based hydraulic company. The Unit is nearing completion with all of the design build pipework commissioning and testing done by our in house team of designers and engineers.

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Yuken Hannover Messe Show


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Yuken once again attended the Hannover Messe Show from the 24th to 28th April 2017. The show was a huge success, and we would like to thank everyone who took the time to come and see us on our stand. We look forward to speaking to you in the near future!

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Yuken News Stories


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There’s quite a few things happening here at Yuken behind the scenes. Currently, we are upgrading and streamlining our valve assembly line, removing and upgrading old test and assembly equipment and fully integrating to our order processing. This will provide a more efficient and quicker service. Our Projects department is […]

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