University of Manchester hydraulics department
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Advancing Hydraulic Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Yuken Europe has been at the forefront of hydraulic engineering, providing innovative solutions across a wide range of industries. With a commitment to excellence and sustainability, Yuken Europe has consistently delivered groundbreaking projects that demonstrate their expertise with hydraulic systems. 

We explore three remarkable projects undertaken by Yuken Europe: their collaboration with the University of Manchester, the Brockholes Ecological Drawbridge Solution, and the multi-million-pound upgrade to the Mersey Ferries.

Empowering Education at the University of Manchester: The University of Manchester is renowned for its focus on research and innovation. Yuken Europe partnered with the university to enhance their hydraulic teaching laboratory, enabling students to gain hands-on experience with state-of-the-art hydraulic systems. By providing cutting-edge hydraulic equipment, Yuken Europe empowered the university to deliver practical, industry-relevant education to future engineers. This collaboration showcases Yuken Europe’s commitment to fostering knowledge exchange and preparing the next generation of hydraulic experts.

University of Manchester Hydraulics department
Lowering a HPU in University Manchester

The Brockholes Ecological Drawbridge Solution: Environmental sustainability is a core value for Yuken Europe, and their work on the Brockholes Ecological Drawbridge Solution exemplifies this commitment. Located in the heart of Lancashire, England, the Brockholes Nature Reserve required a drawbridge solution that would minimize the impact on the surrounding ecosystem. Yuken Europe’s team designed and implemented an innovative hydraulic system that allowed for smooth and efficient operation while prioritising the preservation of the delicate ecosystem. The project stands as a testament to Yuken Europe’s ability to deliver customised solutions that balance functionality and environmental consciousness.

Brockholes Nature Reserve in Lancashire
Brockholes Nature Reserve

A Multi-Million-Pound Upgrade to the Mersey Ferries: The iconic Mersey Ferries have been a symbol of Liverpool’s maritime heritage for over a century. When the time came for a major upgrade to enhance their reliability and efficiency, Yuken Europe was entrusted with the task. The project involved a multi-million-pound investment to modernise the hydraulic systems, ensuring optimal performance and passenger safety. By leveraging their expertise in hydraulic engineering, Yuken Europe contributed to the preservation of this historic transportation service while meeting the demands of a modern and sustainable future.

The River Mersey in Liverpool
Mersey Ferry on the river Mersey, Liverpool

Yuken Europe’s commitment to excellence and sustainability is evident in their remarkable projects with the University of Manchester, the Brockholes Nature Reserve, and the Mersey Ferries. These endeavours showcase Yuken Europe’s ability to design and implement cutting-edge hydraulic systems while considering environmental impact and ensuring long-term sustainability. With their expertise and dedication, Yuken Europe continues to drive innovation in hydraulic engineering, shaping a more sustainable future for industries and communities worldwide.

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