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Amada Valve Repair

We’re proud to be leading experts in the maintenance, repair and supply of Amada valves. In fact, Yuken is the only authorised Amada valve repair centre in Europe for Amada valves. So, if you’re needing Amada valves, Yuken is the best place to come.

Our team of experienced engineers offer a friendly service to all our clients. Most importantly, we customise every experience to meet any specific needs as we understand no two repairs will be the same.

Here at Yuken, we understand how inconvenient hydraulic problems can be, which is why we aim to minimise the costs and downtime as much as possible. We’ll repair your Amada valves to the highest standards possible and get your system up and running again as quickly as we can.




    Yuken is recognised globally for its outstanding products and bespoke services. While we supply standard, off-the-shelf products, we pride ourselves on always going the extra mile for our customers in any way we can.

    Here at Yuken, we make the effort to listen to our customers so we can fully understand your needs and what you want from us. Our main goal is to provide you with the best solution so you can be prepared for any challenges you may face.

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