Pressurised Waste Food Separator and Compactor

The Pressurised Waste Food Separator and Compactor uses hydraulics to compress food waste under high pressure and turns it into a useful resource. This promotes the recycling and reuse of resources. This machine is a great tool for recycling unused and old food preventing huge amounts of waste.

The machine is designed to de-package food stuffs, unpacking and compressing the food waste into a paste which can be re-used. The packaging is also compressed and separated and disposed of or recycled. The compressed food paste can be used in a wide range of industries as animal feed, compost, in energy generation, methane gasification, and as fodder or fertilisation, to name a few. It prevents food wastage and can help companies who end up with a large amount of food waste to re-use this and re-sell it so they don’t lose money on unused food. They are also great for manufacturers who use the compressed food paste to create products as it will allow them to create as much as they need themselves, whenever they want it.

The Waste Food Separator and Compactor is also useful as it compacts your waste into much smaller sizes, creating more space, less mess and helping with hygiene. Bins will no longer be overflowing with rotting food which can lead to bad odours and contamination of the working environment and can attract vermin. Less waste containers will be needed to store the waste. It also reduces the amount of bin disposals or disposal journeys you need to make improving company productivity and reducing costs.

They are useful in many industries including:

  • Supermarkets – supermarkets often have a lot of packaged food which is not bought by customers and cannot be sold due to sell by dates. The pressurised waste food separator and compactor gives them the opportunity to recycle this unused food to prevent wastage, and either reuse or resell the food paste.
  • Catering companies and large restaurants – often have large amounts of food waste.
  • Animal feed manufacturers – the food paste can be used to create animal feed.
  • Composters and fertilisers – the food waste paste can be used to create compost and fertilisers.
  • Green energy generation – helps with gasification.

Yuken’s Automotive Filter Separator and Compactor YB-30F is an incredibly useful machine that compresses and compacts automotive oil filters and oil cans, reducing them to 1/3 to 1/20 of their original volume. Then compacted cans are automatically sorted whilst the machine removes residual liquids and collects them in a separate container so they can be re-used and recycled.

So simple and easy to use, the filter compact does all the work for you. Perfect for garages/car repair shops where you can often find yourself with thousands of used metal cans and oil filters that need disposing of. The Yuken Automotive Filter Separator and Compactor YB-30F quickly and efficiently compresses your cans whilst removing the residual oil inside, for neat and convenient disposal. Save yourself time, money and space.

The cans and oil filters can take up a lot of space in your workshop whilst waiting to be disposed of and actually disposing of them can take multiple journeys and can be difficult due to the residual oil inside. This machine however provides and safe way to dispose of your cans and oil filters as they remove the residual oil and compress them into a fraction of the size, making them easier to dispose of. The compressed cans can easily be stacked and stored without taking up much space at all, and when disposing of them far less journeys will be needed improving productivity and reducing costs. The compressed cans can also easily be recycled for scrap metal, allowing you to make yourself some money.

Not only can you make money by scrapping the metal from the compressed cans, but as the machine collects the residual oil this can be re-used as fuel. Fuel can be expensive so this can save you large amounts over the year. You’ll no longer have to pay anyone to collect or dispose of the cans for you, and you’ll save money on trips to the scrap yard. Re-using and recycling the metal and oil is environmentally friendly, so you’re not just helping your pockets but the environment too.

Yuken’s Filter Separator and Compactor is robust, strong and built to last. Crushes cans in seconds with its hydraulic strength, and does all the work for you. It provides a safe and efficient way for you to dispose of old oil cans and oil filters. The compressed cans are easier to stack, store and carry, so it makes your workplace tidier and reduces the chance of accidents due to large cans lying around and possible oil spills that people could slip on. The compressor is completely enclosed so it is incredibly safe to use. Invest in a Filter Compactor today and safe yourself time, space and money whilst improving workplace productivity, safety and helping the environment.

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