The Kiriko Automatic Shavings Compactor uses hydraulic power to compress metal shavings and chips, created by machines when cutting metal, into briquettes. The scraps and shavings are reduced up to 1/40th of their volume once compressed. This volume reduction ability allows you to save space when storing the shavings/chips and significantly reduces the frequency of transportation of collected shavings/chips as a higher volume can be transported at once when in briquette form.

Using the Kiriko contributes towards cost reduction and environmental protection. It removes cutting oil from the briquettes and stores it in a separate tank, enabling the recovery and reuse of the oil, saving you money on oil costs. The briquettes also fetch a higher price when scrapped than loose chips will, allowing you to make more money when recycling your scrap metal. If you melt down your scrap metal to reuse, the compacted briquettes give a higher yield during melting in the furnace. Kiriko even contributes towards achieving environmental management and improvement as required by ISO 14001 by significantly reducing CO2 emissions.


It helps to improve safety as loose shavings and chips will no longer be lying round on the cutting floor area, and the compacted briquettes are safer to handle than sharp loose chips. There are multiple models available which are suited to different customers’ needs as cuttings and shavings vary dependent on size and type of material. The Kiriko offers various mechanisms for different types of shavings such as long curly shavings, short spirals or even powders like grinding sludge and dust, as well as varying materials like iron, aluminium, brass and casting. Suitable for both Ferrous and non-ferrous machined metal chips.


So simple and easy to use! Simply feed the chips into the machine and the compacter compresses them into solid briquettes. Saves you time, space and money. If you’re interested in purchasing a Kiriko Automatic Shavings Compactor, contact us today and our experts will be happy to discuss the best option for you.


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