Yuken Hydraulic Equipment Catalogue
November 20, 2023 WHAT’S NEW 0 Comment

Unveiling Yuken’s Cutting-Edge Hydraulic Equipment: A Comprehensive Catalogue Review 


In the ever-evolving world of hydraulic engineering, the demand for high-performance and efficient equipment continues to rise. Addressing this need, Yuken, a renowned player in the hydraulic solutions arena, has unveiled its latest Hydraulic Equipment Catalogue. Here, we’ll delve into the highlights of Yuken’s offerings, with a focus on their low noise, high-efficiency swash plate type variable displacement piston pumps. 


Exploring Yuken’s Hydraulic Innovation: 


Yuken’s commitment to innovation and excellence is evident in its Hydraulic Equipment Catalogue. The cornerstone of their offerings lies in the swash plate type variable displacement piston pumps, a product of meticulous development by Yuken’s leading hydraulic engineers. 


Piston Pumps: Low Noise, High Efficiency 


The piston pumps showcased in Yuken’s catalogue are designed to meet the diverse needs of various applications with the emphasis on low noise and high efficiency setting these pumps apart. Developed by experts with a deep understanding of hydraulic dynamics, the piston pumps offer a superior performance that aligns with the evolving standards of the industry. 


Low Noise Operation: Noise reduction is a critical factor in many hydraulic applications. Yuken’s piston pumps are engineered to operate with minimal noise to ensure a quieter working environment without compromising on performance. 


High Efficiency: Efficiency is a key metric in hydraulic systems, directly impacting energy consumption and overall productivity. Yuken’s piston pumps are optimised for high efficiency, contributing to energy savings, and reduced operational costs. 


Diverse but Varied Applications 


One of the strengths of Yuken’s piston pumps lies in the diversity of their line-up. The Hydraulic Equipment Catalogue showcases a comprehensive range, catering to a wide spectrum of application requirements. Whether it’s industrial machinery, mobile equipment, or other hydraulic systems, Yuken’s line-up is designed to provide tailored solutions. 


Customisable Solutions: The ability to customize hydraulic solutions is a significant advantage in addressing unique challenges. Yuken’s diverse line-up allows for customisation, ensuring that each system is optimised for its specific application. 


Catalogue Highlights: 


To give you a glimpse of what Yuken’s catalogue has to offer, here are some key sections: 

Piston Pumps Catalogue (Cat. A): Link to Catalogue – Piston Pumps 

Vane Pumps Catalogue (Cat. B): Link to Catalogue – Vane Pumps 

Pressure Controls Catalogue (Cat. C): Link to Catalogue – Pressure Controls 

Flow Controls Catalogue (Cat. D): Link to Catalogue – Flow Controls 



In the dynamic field of hydraulic engineering, staying at the forefront of innovation is crucial. Yuken’s Hydraulic Equipment Catalogue, featuring their state-of-the-art piston pumps, exemplifies their commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions. Whether you’re in search of low noise operation, high efficiency, or a diverse but varied application, Yuken’s offerings are poised to meet the demands of the modern hydraulic landscape. Explore the catalogue to unlock a world of hydraulic possibilities.