PET Bottle Compactor

Yuken’s PET Bottle Compactor uses the power of hydraulics to compress PET bottles and bind them together in large blocks. When the bottles are fed into the machine, they are compressed to approximately 1/10th of the original volume. The compressed bottles are compacted together and automatically bound with polypropylene bands to keep them in blocks.

PET Bottles are used and thrown away every day by so many. They are recyclable so efforts should be made to recycle them into other products as once thrown away they do no bio-degrade and therefore become very damaging to the environment. Once people sort their PET bottles as recyclable you can collect them to re-use them as other products. By using the Yuken PET Bottle Compactor, the PET bottles can be compressed into large bales which are the perfect size for recycling.

The compressed bottle bales are far easier to handle and carry as they are bound together and flattened. They can be stacked for easier storage and they take up far less space that loose bottles. The stacks are also far safer to store and transport than loose bottles which can fly about and become a hazard. The PET bottle compactor can help to keep your workspace much safer and tidier. You can also store much more of the bottles in a compressed form which means you’ll have more bottles to recycle to create a larger volume of reproduced products.

The compressed bottles are much easier to transport and more can be transported at once than loose PET Bottles which means this machine can help you to save money on transport costs and help improve productivity as less time will be spent on transportation.

Once bound and recycled the PET Bottles are made into flakes and pellets and used in the production of new products such as clothing, bedding and carpets or can be remade back into more PET bottles. Yuken’s PET Bottle compactor is therefore perfect if you need to recycle large quantities of PET bottles to manufacture new products or if you have a lot of PET bottles so you can sell them to recycling companies.



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