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How hydraulic systems are used in everyday life

Hydraulic systems are widely used in day to day life in a range of industries. So much so that many people don’t even think about it anymore! Here are some common everyday uses of hydraulics that you may not of thought of.

Car Brakes

Hydraulics play a huge role in a vehicle’s braking system, specifically the brake fluid. The system works by the brake pedal being pressed, forcing the rod and piston within the master cylinder to be moved, achieving the slowing down/stopping of the vehicle.


While it may not be an everyday thing for everyone, the majority of people have been on an airplane before. Air travel is constantly growing and is becoming more and more available in everyday life. In fact, hydraulics has played a critical role in airplane operations. Hydraulics technology is used to slow down the airplane on the runway and adjusting the wings.

Theme Parks

Spinning motors are widely used in all kinds of theme park and provide a great source of entertainment by powering rides. Hydraulics technology in spinning motors are most commonly found in rides such as Ferris wheels.


The construction industry has hugely benefitted from hydraulics technology, as without hydraulics it would be near impossible to lift such heavy materials to high storey buildings. Other construction machinery that has been benefitted by the advancement of hydraulics are pumps, forklifts and cherry pickers.

Bin Wagon

Again, something that’s a big part of our everyday lives that we may forget about when it comes to hydraulics. Bin Wagon of course have large compressors to crush rubbish and make room for more. These are controlled by hydraulics! Apparently, the process of compacting the rubbish actually helps save the environment by stopping landfills from filling up so quickly.