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Causes of Common Hydraulic Problems

In this article we’ll be exploring the common problems that often come with hydraulic systems and how they affect your system and its components. It’s important that any issues with your hydraulic system are diagnosed correctly, as any missed issues could cause you further problems in the future.

System Over-Operation

If your system has been put under extreme operation it can sometimes overheat. The best way to avoid this issue in the first place is to ensure the oil you’re using has the correct viscosity. You should also remember to let the system get itself ready before performing any operations, just to ensure all components are functioning properly.

Poor Operation

If your machine is not performing as well as it used to you can normally find the problem is your hydraulic system. For example, loss of speed is often a result of poor flow rate. Poor flow rate can be a result of a leakage in your system from either valves, pumps or actuators.

Using an incorrect hydraulic oil that doesn’t fit the specification for your system can also lead to poor system performance, so make sure you stick to the oil recommended by your manufacturer.

High Fluid Temperatures

High fluid temperatures are usually a result of the system being unable to dissipate heat correctly, leading to an increase in temperature. Abnormally high fluid temperatures can damage seals and degrade the fluid in your hydraulic system.

You should also be checking that the different areas of your system are pressurised correctly, as this can also cause excess heat to be created.

These are just a few problems you should be looking out for in any of your hydraulic systems. For any help with your hydraulic system or further information on our services get in touch with our experts here.