Variable Displacement Piston Pumps – ARL1 Series


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Variable Displacement Piston Pumps – ARL1 Series – The ARL1 series piston pumps are compact, low noise, and high efficiency pressure compensator type piston pumps based on the proven technology and reliability of Yuken’s “A series/AR series” piston pumps. These pumps cover the small displacement range from 4cm3/rev to 16.3 cm3 /rev. Variable Displacement Piston Pumps – ARL1 Series. For other products visit Products 

Yuken: Hydraulic specialist  and its products are recognised as an industry leading brand, utilised in various regular and specialist applications around the world.

We supply standard, off-the-shelf products but at Yuken, we will always go the extra mile to understand your needs and provide Hydraulic solutions, which will allow you to meet the increasingly tough challenges that we all face.

Our company dates back to 1929 in Japan and in 1980 Yuken Europe Ltd. was founded. During this time Yuken: Hydraulic specialist has accumulated a wealth of practical and technical expertise and our enduring success lies in the fact that our history is filled with examples of how we have met and exceeded the needs of machine and system builders.

Yuken:hydraulic specialist also design and build new devices for customers on a bespoke basis.

Our Hydraulic products are used by original equipment manufacturers operating in a diverse variety of sectors including shipping, construction, subsea operations, chocolate-makers and contact lens manufacturing equipment.

The demanding requirements of those machine, system builders and hydraulic power pack, who need improved productivity, and performance to gain technical edges over their competition, means that we have built ourselves a reputation for quality and cutting edge innovation and design, developing a range of products which will enhance any system they are used in.

As industries evolve, there are always new and exciting technical challenges to meet and Yuken’s pro-active approach ensures that we will remain at the forefront of being a solutions provider.

Yuken:Hydraulic Specialist revolutionary innovations include:

  • Developing proportional valve technology
  • Our “K” series low surge coils
  • On Board Electronic Proportional control for pumps and valves
  • Electronic controlled units for energy saving

Additional information
Pump Size

ARL1-6 (6.2 cc/rev), ARL1-8 (8.5 cc/rev), ARL1-12 (12.3 cc/rev), ARL1-16 (16.3 cc/rev), ARL1-6, ARL1-8,ARL1-12,ARL1-16

Flange Clockwise (FR) or Foot Mount Clockwise (LR)

FR (Flange Mount Clockwise), LR (Foot Mount Clockwise), FR,LR

Control Type

01 (Std. Pressure Compensator Type), 1

Pressure Adjustment Range

(12-70 bar), (12-70 Bar)

Port Position

S (Side Ports), A (Suction Port Downwards), S,A

Product Data Sheet

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