Variable Displacement Piston Pumps – ARL1 Series


SKU : Variable Displacement Piston Pumps - ARL1 Series


The ARL1 series piston pumps are compact, low noise, and high efficiency pressure compensator type piston pumps based on the proven technology and reliability of Yuken’s “A series/AR series” piston pumps. These pumps cover the small displacement range from 4cm3/rev to 16.3 cm3 /rev.

Additional information
Pump Size

ARL1-6 (6.2 cc/rev), ARL1-8 (8.5 cc/rev), ARL1-12 (12.3 cc/rev), ARL1-16 (16.3 cc/rev), ARL1-6, ARL1-8,ARL1-12,ARL1-16

Flange Clockwise (FR) or Foot Mount Clockwise (LR)

FR (Flange Mount Clockwise), LR (Foot Mount Clockwise), FR,LR

Compensator Control Type

01 (Std. Pressure Compensator Type), 1

Pressure Adjustment Range

(12-70 bar), (12-70 Bar)

Port Position

S (Side Ports), A (Suction Port Downwards), S,A

Product Data Sheet

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