Cetop 3 (NG6) Pressure Switch (Sensitive Switch Type)


SKU : Cetop 3 (NG6) Pressure Switch (Sensitive Switch Type)


A pressure switch is a form of switch that closes an electrical contact when a certain set fluid pressure has been reached on its input. The switch may be designed to make contact either on pressure rise or on pressure fall

Additional information
Port Selection

MJP-01-M (P Port), MJA-01-M (A Port), MJB-01-M (B Port), P Port, A Port, B Port

Pressure Range

B – (10-70 bar Pressure Range), C – (35-140 bar Pressure Range), H – (70-210 bar Pressure Range), B, C, H

Electrical Connection

N-10 (DIN Connector), 10 (Cable Connector), N-10, 10